2021 Summer Friendship Gathering News!

We are excited for the 2021 Summer Friendship Gathering season! This year’s theme is “Holy Spirit- The Flame Within Me.”

Based on the passage found in Acts 1:8, the Gatherings will be a special time for worship and fellowship while we study the role of the Holy Spirit in building the Church. The Holy Spirit gave the early Christians the courage to witness about Jesus.

Listed below are this summer’s Gathering dates, and the churches who will be hosting.


Trinity Lutheran Church w/St. John Lutheran Church     Tuesday – Thursday, June 15-17

King of Glory Lutheran                  Tuesday – Thursday, June 22-24

Christ the Savior Lutheran          Tuesday – Thursday, June 29-July 1

Cross of Grace Lutheran               Monday, July 12; Wed.– Thurs., July 14-15

Messiah Lutheran Church            Tuesday – Thursday, July 13-15

Grace Presbyterian Church         Tuesday – Thursday, July 20-22

Outlook Christian Church w/Brandywine Church     Tuesday – Thursday, July 20-22                  

Spirit of Joy Church                        Monday – Wednesday, July 26-28

Cornerstone Lutheran w/College Park Church         Tuesday – Thursday, July 27-29    

Connection Ministries has made available online video training for the Summer Friendship Gathering teams!

This new format provides virtual training for the safety of volunteers and allows us to train more intentionally on the use of the Gathering curriculum. It also allows specific episodes for companion roles, facility setup, and food service.

Please be sure your volunteer team watches the online training videos before your Gathering. Downloadable note pages are available with each video, along with this year’s Large Group Leader’s Guide and Discussion Group Leader’s Guide.

Also available are three video episodes over the Large Group Bible lessons, to help give Bible teachers ideas for leading their lessons on the Holy Spirit.

Follow this link to view the online Summer Friendship Gathering training videos; https://connection-ministries.org/summer-friendship-gathering-training/

There may still be a need to take precautions this summer due to the pandemic, so leaders and volunteers planning a Gathering should watch the video in our “Illuminate” blog called “Starting Up Safely.” In this video we discuss suggested guidelines that can be used when meeting in-person. There are also downloadable note pages that you can print.

Follow this link to the “Starting Up Safely” video; https://connection-ministries.org/starting-up-safely/

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