Salvation Series

Pictures can help teach the Gospel to our friends with intellectual and developmental disabilities, but it is challenging to find good, but economical resources.  Kim Orr, one of the teachers with the Friendship class at Carmel Lutheran Church, found some excellent resources through “A Beka Book,”

These materials were developed for the home school
and Christian school markets, but the graphics are Salvation Series 1suitable for adults with intellectual disabilities.  As I sat through a lesson at Carmel Lutheran Church, I enjoyed how each poster was effective for telling its part of the story.

When I visited the website for A Beka Books, I enjoyed the prices of the materials even more.  A teacher’s guide with an average of four to six lessons Salvation Series 3with about four to six posters for each lesson could be purchased between $7 and $22, depending on the number of lessons and size of the posters (up to 12 x 15.5 inches).  They also offer a variety of reasonably priced kits that include up to 170 lessons, with old and new testaments, teacher’s guides, posters, music CD’s, and activities.

Salvation Series 4I just purchased a two-lesson set on Jonah with 11 posters for $12.  Six lessons on Daniel with 32 posters is under $18. At that rate, a Bible class for people with intellectual disabilities could teach 36 lessons, or an entire season, for just $108.  This is a great value for the posters alone.  The pictures with this post are actual posters from the salvation series.  When you search the sight for the lessons with posters, use the search term Flash-a-Cards.  There will be many options, and you can view most of them.

If you have any resources you have used, or ideas that might help other classes, send them to Connection Ministries at


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