Here is another source for pictures for Bible study with friends with intellectual disabilities.  I was excited when I sent you the earlier link to “A Beka Book,” but
when I hear the word “FREE,” I get goose bumps.



Shortly after sending the post for “A Beka Book,” Chuck Frolik sent me this link for  “A Beka Book” is great if you want to purchase large, professionally printed posters.  But if cost is a concern, or you want to download the images to use with PowerPoint or Keynote, then is another way to go!  You would need access to a computer or iPad with a projector.  If you or your church do not have a projector, economical projectors can be purchased in the $300 range.  You can also print the images, but the long term cost might be as high as purchasing professionally printed images.







With, you can download hundreds of free sets of Bible story images for use with PowerPoint, and Keynote and it will automatically load the slide into the appropriate file with each image in its own slide.   You can also download as PDF or JPEG files for printing.  Sets of images are sorted by book of the Bible character, or theme, and each story has  a good number of slides that can be downloaded with story scripts.

When you visit the website, take time to read their blog story of how God moved them to start this ministry,

Chuck, thank you for passing on this valuable resource!

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