Connection Ministries strives to insure all churches provide a “Safe Place” for our friends with intellectual disabilities.

Congregations with Friendship groups that partner with Connection Ministries use these applications for all their volunteer companions and friends with disabilities that participate in their ministries.  Connection Ministries will complete criminal background screens for any volunteer companions (any person age 18 and older that interacts with friends with disabilities).  These background screens require a Social Security number.  If a volunteer does not wish to provide Connection Ministries with their Social Security number they may provide us with a valid email address.  Trusted Employees will send the volunteer an email invitation to complete an online background screen and send the results to Connection Ministries.

There are many benefits to maintaining current participant applications beyond the screening process.  Connection Ministries will provide rosters with other important information that will help make your ministry a “Safe Place.”

  • Emergency contact information
  • Description of disabilities
  • Dietary needs
  • Liability release
  • Photo, image, and story release


Application for all Friendship Groups
(to be completed by all volunteer companions 18 years of age and older and friend with disabilities)


Application for Criminal Background Screen through Trusted Employees
(to be completed by volunteer companions 18 years of age and older only)


Criminal background information is kept in the files of consumer reporting agencies.  The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA) promotes the the accuracy, fairness, and privacy of this information in the same way it protects your credit history.  Below is a summary of your rights under FRCA.

Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act



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