Meeting new families that find their way to a Friendship group brings us great joy! The shepherds found their way to worship Baby Jesus because an angel appeared and told them where to look. This past week we met a family that learned about the new Friendship group at Outlook Christian Church, because a volunteer companion in the group posted information about the class on her “Nextdoor” network.

Nextdoor is a private social network for neighborhoods that allows users to connect with other people who live in their own and nearby neighborhoods. If you are not on Nextdoor, you can find your neighborhood and sign up;

You can be an angel!  Help another family find a Friendship group;

  • If you know someone with a family member that has a disability, tell them about Friendship groups
  • Register for Nextdoor, and post the paragraph below to your network. You can add information specific about the Friendship group in your church.

Friendship Groups are weekly ministry opportunity for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These groups meet in 23 neighborhood churches in central Indiana. If you have a family member or know someone with a family member who has an intellectual or developmental disability, or would like to volunteer, you can contact us through the website;


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