Congratulations #1 (small card)
Free Download

Print 2 sided (makes 2 card per page)


Congratulations #2 (large Card)

Print 2 sided (makes 1 card per page)

Card Printing Instructions

To print large cards, be sure to select landscape orientation, two sided printing, and flip on short edge.  Flipping on long edge will cause the inside of the greeting card to be upside down.  If the inside of your card is printing upside and your PDF viewer does not give you this option, it is defaulting to flip on the long edge. You can install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and set as your default viewer (free download on internet). Be sure to download the greeting card and save it on your computer/mobile device and open the card from your computer/mobile device to solve the error.
Small cards should be set for portrait orientation, two sided printing, and flip on long edge.  This is usually the default setting for most PDF viewers.

Envelope Template, with instructions (small card)

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