Double Dippers

 “Assemble the people—men, women and children, and the foreigners
residing in your towns—so they can listen and learn to fear the Lord your God…”

Deuteronomy 31:12

A description for someone who receives income from more than one source is “double dipper.” At Connection Ministries, we lovingly refer to a friend with an intellectual disability who participates in more than one Friendship group or Summer Friendship Gathering as a “double dipper.”

Recently I took Nellie, our therapy dog, to visit some friends with disabilities who participate in the Hollis Adams day program at Spirit of Joy Church. I spoke with two of our friends who are “double dippers,” Mary and Nikki.

Nikki asked if Nellie would come to her Gatherings. From the photo, you can see Nellie was there. Nikki said she was going to the Gathering at King of Glory with her roommates, and at Cornerstone where she has gone for years.

A few minutes later Mary also said she was going to two Gatherings. When I asked her why, she stated emphatically, “I love church. I just love church.”

Nikki and Mary aren’t the only ones who “double dip.” Our friends with disabilities love their Friendship groups and the Christian community they find there. The relationships they form in their Friendship groups are the glue that keep them        connected to the church.

At this summer’s Gathering, we will “Reimagine Community” in the light of God’s Word. We will certainly learn about Christian community from the Bible, but we will experience it with friends like Nikki and Mary. Mary’s words say it all, “I love church. I just love church.” 

Connection Ministries is grateful for the hundreds of dedicated volunteers who invest their time during their busy summers to help with nine Gatherings in our network of churches. Your kindness and friendship for our friends with disabilities is a remarkable act of hospitality.

You can help us bear more fruit. If you know of a family with a son or daughter who has a disability, let them know about these Gatherings. A complete list of these churches and event dates can be found by clicking the button below.

It is also a great way to volunteer, and for families to serve together! If you are not sure who to contact about the Gatherings, call Connection Ministries. You can reach us at 317-646-5067 or by email

Applications for friends with disabilities and volunteers can be found by clicking the button below. 

This will be a busy summer for all of us, but as you read this letter, say a prayer for the fruitfulness of these Summer Friendship Gatherings.

Also, remember us through your financial gifts. Giving typically falls off during the summer months, especially this summer while our costs go up with all the Gatherings. Your generosity will make it possible for us to walk with each congregation as they host these Summer Gathering events.

You can send your gift to Connection Ministries by clicking on the button below.

Please make a gift today.

Serving Christ with you,

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