Do you plan your Friendship lesson on the same day you teach the lesson?  This is a real challenge, whether you use discussion groups or not. Companions need to be prepared to reinforce the lesson during the Friendship class.  Having a “Game Plan” is a quick and easy solution.

A “Game Plan” also allows your group to plan other activities like Christmas parties, picnics and even service projects.  Responsibilities for events planned in advance can be divided up among volunteer companions to improve the event’s success. Giving your volunteer team responsibilities will give them a purpose for coming each week and keeps them involved.  It is also a good way to engage family members and caregivers.

A “Game Plan” has the potential to raise the awareness in your congregation for upcoming events.  Your Friendship group can promote one time volunteer opportunities like dinners and service projects, to draw new potential volunteers into meeting your friends with disabilities.

Every Friendship groups needs a leadership team that would be made up of volunteer companions/teachers and family members.  This group can meet every two or three months to plan ahead.  This link below is a planning document you can use as an example to organize your “Game Plan.”  Contact us if you would like help setting up your leadership team or game plan;

Friendship Planning Calendar



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