We are excited! 

God has called Jackie Schaefer to join Connection Ministries.  With God’s provision, she will begin work in January!

God planted Connection Ministries at a time when there was a great need in central Indiana for ministry with people with intellectual disabilities. Some churches wanted to advance their ministries to better include people with disabilities and were asking how they could help while other congregations found a renewed interest in starting disability ministries. Through God’s provision, Connection Ministries was positioned to walk with all these churches.

Ministry opportunities quickly outpaced Connection Ministries’ capacity. But, God already had a plan in motion to meet this demand in the form of a servant ready to join the ministry! That servant is Jackie!

Jackie Schaefer served the Lutheran Disability Ministry (LDM) camp when she was just 14 years old, returning every year, eventually as a college intern. Following graduation in 2006, she joined the LDM team. 

God has provided us with a plentiful harvest and led us back to Jackie, but Connection Ministries needs you. In faith, Jackie gave notice and has left Bethesda to follow God’s call. We believe, with her, that God will provide a way for Jackie to join our team. This is only possible with the financial support of friends like you!   

Please consider making a gift today.  Ongoing gifts are essential to sustain Connection Ministries.  Gifts may be designated for the General or Program Staff Funds.  You can make one time or reoccurring gifts now, by credit card, using this “Make a Gift” button.


Read more about Jackie on our leadership tab; https://connection-ministries.org/our-leadership-2/

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