Make Disciples Through Service Projects

The Friendship group at Outlook Christian Church was hard at work as they put together Valentine’s Day encouragement bags filled with words of encouragement and sweet treats for the teachers at IPS school 105 in partnership with Renewal Neighborhood Ministry. Funds for this project came from the Friendship Group’s weekly offerings and an Action Team grant from Thrivent.

They have been learning in their Friendship group what it means to be a disciple. Encouraging those in their community by sharing the love of Jesus. What a great way to express their appreciation for the teachers. It was fun to watch everyone’s enthusiasm and to experience the fellowship with each other in the process.

After the bags were assembled, they circled around and prayed. They asked the Holy Spirit to give the teachers encouragement and strength and that they would know the love of Jesus as they teach and encourage their students. It was a beautiful display of building community within the Friendship Group as they worked to build up the community near the school.

Renewal Neighborhood Ministry is an organization founded and run by Crossroads Bible Church and Outlook Christian Church to serve families living in the neighborhoods near Post Road and 42nd Street.

Everyone has a need to be needed. We all want to find a way to serve, and this includes our friends with disabilities. Think about a service project that your Friendship Group can do that would build up the community near your church. It may be a project your church is already involved in. Here are a few examples:

  • Care packages for college students within your congregation with notes that share the love of Jesus.
  • Food drive for the church’s food pantry.
  • Collect hygiene items for a homeless shelter.
  • Family welcome baskets for Ronald McDonald House.
  • Make fleece tie blankets for shut-ins or hospitalized members of the church.

The opportunities are limitless! God’s Word tells us “Go, make disciples…” These projects are a great way to disciple Friendship Groups.

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