Connection Ministries continues to add new Bible study lessons to our video Bible series, “To Whom Shall We Go”.  In our most recent study, “The Parables of Jesus”, we now have nine episodes available.

We also continue adding to our video training series, “Indispensable”. This week we released two new episodes that offer ideas for raising awareness and networking to grow the disability ministry in your congregation.

New Episodes Available! 
        Parables of Jesus, and 
        Raising Awareness

There are three new episodes in the “Parables of Jesus”, the newest study in the “To Whom Shall We Go” video Bible series. These episodes include the parable of the prodigal son, parts one and two, and the parable of the unforgiving servant.

We now have a total of 25 episodes available in the  “To Whom Shall We Go” series. 

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In the “Indispensable” video volunteer training series we have added another important topic,Raising Awareness”. This episode will offer ideas to help your networking efforts as you look for friends with disabilities to be part of your church’s ministry.  It also will show you how to raise awareness in your church, making it possible to recruit a volunteer team for the ministry.  

Along with the topic “Raising Awareness”, be sure to watch the other topics now available in the Indispensable” series.  Topics include; 

Topic 1: Introduction – New Wineskin (1 episode)

Topic 2: Vision – Ministry With, and Champion (2 episodes)

Topic 3: Necessary Elements (1 episode)

Topic 4: Buy-In (1 episode)

Topic 5: Leadership Teams – Good People, and Roles (2 episodes)

(new!) Topic 6: Raising Awareness – Networking to Find Friends with Disabilities, Raising Awareness and Recruiting a Team (2 episodes)

Topic 7: Effective Teaching – Lesson Preparation, Group Dynamics, and Small Groups (3 episodes)   

Click Here to view all the topics in the Indispensable” video training series!

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