Plan Ahead! A Thriving Friendship group, Tip #1

As the Friendship season begins, Connection Ministries will be

sending out useful tips and hints that you are welcome to

incorporate into the Friendship group at your church!


These tips are a great way to continue strengthening the Friendship groups,

and ultimately building Christian friendships with our friends with disabilities!


Tip #1: Make a Schedule! 

Create a Friendship group schedule that outlines the class year. Include in the schedule the following:

   1.  the group start-up date in the fall

   2.  holiday breaks

   3.  special events

   4.  service projects

   5.  the date for the last group meeting at the end of the year

 Be sure to share the schedule with the Friendship group volunteers, friends with disabilities, their families, and caregivers!


One more thing! It’s a good idea to make a separate schedule for the Friendship group volunteers only. This schedule would include role assignments for the year, such as the rotation of Bible teachers, crafts, snacks, discussion groups, etc.  


Be on the look-out for more Friendship group tips and hints from Connection Ministries!


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