We shared our sadness with you that Jackie Schaefer is leaving Connection Ministries. Jackie has been a long time member of our team, but she is moving back to Kansas to be close to family. 

Connection Ministries has started a search for the person to replace Jackie. We ask you to pray with us! Ask that God leads us and helps us choose the person He has prepared for us. We also hope you will help us network with the many people who have been part of this ministry.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. This is a description of the position and the person we hope to find;

Position Summary

Connection Ministries is hiring a Ministry Consultant (MC) to equip Christian churches to minister with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in Central Indiana. This full-time position reports directly to the Executive Director with office time split between the ministry office in Indianapolis and the candidate’s home office in Central Indiana.

The Successful Candidate:

  • is a strong Christian leader with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,
  • fully supports the beliefs and philosophy of Connection Ministries and its leadership, https://connection-ministries.org/our-vision-mission/
  • has a commitment to Jesus Christ that is evident in his/her personal life, family relationships, and ministry,
  • has both experience and enjoys working with adults with IDD,
  • can teach and lead volunteer teams,
  • shares the responsibility with staff and board members for solicitating donations,
  • proficient with business software and technology, or learns quickly,
  • is able to work two – three evenings per week, and
  • has the potential and desire to be included in the ministries’ succession plan.

Position Description

  • Works onsite with churches in the Connection Ministries Network observing their evening-midweek ministries.
  • Assists the church with ideas and training to help improve the effectiveness of their ministry.
  • Identifies prospective network churches to plant new ministries, as a ministry of that church. They become part of the Church’s weekly ministry during the first year, modeling the various ministry roles.
  • Helps churches recruit volunteer leadership and volunteers through speaking opportunities, meetings, and training. 
  • Collaborates with a team of other staff and volunteers to develop written and video resources for volunteer training, blogs, and Bible curricula for adults with IDD.
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