Starting Up Safely


We have all missed our Friendship groups. Staying connected through our weekly meetings, Summer Friendship Gatherings, and personal contact means so much to us. It is sad, but Covid-19 has dramatically changed the ministry we have together.

In the midst of this virus, we find encouragement when we hear about everyone’s creativity and efforts. It is vital that we stay connected as a Christian community. I wish I had a nickel for every time I am asked if we can start meeting this fall. We all want our Friendship groups to start up, but is it the best decision for your group?

Please know that Connection Ministries will not pressure you to restart your group, nor tell you to wait. In this video we ask some questions you can research and provide guidelines to help your Friendship group make the best decisions for everyone in your group.

Starting Up Safely Note Pages
COVID-19 Suggested Church Reopening Guidelines by the Christian Law Association


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