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Unwrapping Easter

In this study “Unwrapping Easter,” we unwrap the meaning of Easter to better understand God’s desire to save us. We learn about mankind’s first sin and how it broke our relationship with...

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The Beatitudes

In this study “The Beatitudes,” we will learn about the eight Beatitudes, or blessings, Jesus taught His disciples and the crowd during what is known as the Sermon on the Mount. These blessed...

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Indispensable Series is Complete!

We are releasing episodes for our last topic on Administration and Safety, and now Connection Ministries’ Video Training series for congregations is complete! Connection Ministries’ Indispensable...

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Friendship Safety Guidelines

Friendship groups need a detailed safety procedure that is adopted by the congregation. This procedure should offer a Biblical foundation along with procedures for reducing the risk of abuse, personal...

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Topic 8 – Companion Training

This topic will have seven initial episodes for training volunteer companions who will be building meaningful relationships with friends with intellectual disabilities. These episodes help equip volunteers...

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