This year, we have included a picture of an angel in the Connection Ministries Christmas appeal letter.  However, this is no ordinary angel!

The angel is made up of thousands of pictures that show our adult friends with disabilities, volunteers, and families involved in the ministry!  These pictures were taken from various Summer Friendship Gathering events, as well as from the weekly Friendship groups in local churches.

Included below is an image of the angel, which you can zoom in and see the individual pictures up close.  Just click on the picture to check it out!  Be patient, it may take awhile to load.

Angel Image

This design style is known as a photo mosaic, where thousands of small pictures form one large picture.  The image was created through a software program called AndreaMosaic.  The program allows users to create digital artwork taking the form of a photo mosaic.  If you would like to learn more about AndreaMosaic, you can visit the website


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