Two New Video Bible Studies!

We are excited to announce there are two brand new video Bible studies in the “To Whom Shall We Go” series!

The first Bible study “Joy in God” discusses having joy in God, and the blessings He brings to His children. We will also talk about how to be joyful in God, both in triumphs and struggles. Episode one focuses on the joy found in God’s promises. Episode two looks at being joyful in God’s great love for us, His children. Episode three focuses on finding joy in God, even when it’s hard.

Watch the new “Joy in God” Bible study by clicking on this link; 

The second Bible study is called “Love,” and focuses on the value of a loving relationship and the joy it brings. Episode one looks at the love we have for each other. Episode two looks at our love for God. Episode three focuses on God’s perfect love for us.

Watch the new “Love” Bible study by clicking on this link;

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