We thank God for you as you press on!

This is not a typical Thanksgiving photo, but it is an accurate illustration of everyone’s efforts in 2020 as we have pushed to stay connected with our friends with intellectual disabilities.  We are grateful for every volunteer, prayer warrior, and donor, who has helped advance this important mission.

I served in the United States Navy and part of that time was aboard an aircraft carrier. I would often go to the flight deck and watch as the ship turned into the wind, making it possible to launch and land its planes.

For much of this year, Friendship groups have had to fly into a different kind of wind. Because of Covid-19, we have all have had to explore new ways to carry out our mission.

There have been parking lot bingo and worship services. Volunteers visited the homes of our friends with disabilities and sang songs and prayed from their driveways. Cookies were baked and care packages with Bible lesson materials were delivered.  Friendship groups continue to meet on Zoom and through live streamed services.

Many of us have learned new technology. I never thought I would be learning how to produce videos any more than some of you would be learning how to Zoom. We have all had to lean into God and trust him.

The power of a fighter jet is revealed when it kicks on its afterburners and flies into the resistance of the wind. It is the same for believers, the power of God and the strength of our faith is revealed when we face adversity head on.

The Holy Spirit is our “afterburner”. He is the flame within that that drives us to reinvent how we are reaching our friends with disabilities, their families and support staff.

In Philippians 3:13 and 14 we learn that we must forget what is behind us, and instead strain to bring our friends with disabilities the fellowship they need today. We must press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called us.

We thank God for all of you. But we compel you to press on through this holiday season. We pray for each of you to be fruitful in your efforts as your Friendship communities connected to each other and to Jesus.

May you have a Blessed Thanksgiving Day!

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