Gratitude, that is the word for today.  My heart is filled with gratitude! 

Today we laid to rest a dear friend, Leroy Graves; member of Grant City Wesleyan Church and of several Friendship Bible studies at the various churches he frequented. Leroy loved Jesus and he loved to share in fellowship with his brothers and sisters in Christ.

His service at the funeral home packed the house and additional chairs needed to be brought in.  As we drove the lane to his grave site, his friends from Shares, stood along the lane to welcome him to the resting place for his physical body, but only until Jesus returns!  There was a crowd at the burial site with revival style shouts of “Amen” from his friends with intellectual disabilities as the Gospel was proclaimed.  There were tears for ourselves, but joy in knowing Leroy was with his best friend Jesus.

Today I am grateful for the many families, caregivers, volunteers and congregations that have been faithful sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with our friends with intellectual disabilities.  Today, I am especially thankful for everyone that shared the love of Jesus with Leroy.  He is with his Lord, and from the shouts of affirmation demonstrated at Leroy’s burial site, he will have many of his friends with him one day.

Oh, What a Friend We have in Jesus!


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