When a Friend has a Seizure…

What would you do if your friend had a seizure?

Many of our Friendship groups include friends with disabilities that experience seizures.  Would you know how to offer first aid for your friend?  These are questions being raised by our Friendship groups and we wanted to provide you with some simple videos on our YouTube channel that will give you guidance on how to respond, and ease your fears.

We created a playlist of films; “FBS Seizure Training”.  This is the link to the playlist; https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfQu7PyQUEysugW4SeRNCnp4Kf-0iCz-8.  The first six videos are from a recent series put out by the Epilepsy Foundation.  The last two films were used for training camp for many years; all of them are very good.

You can watch these videos individually, but it might be more fun to get all the Friendship companions in your group together and watch them as a group!  You might consider inviting a nurse from your church to join you to answer any questions.


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