We are excited to make available to you a link on our website where we posted the handouts from our three Friendship Ministry workshops along with the many ideas that were generated.  The topics on raising awareness in your congregations and recruiting for your ministry with people with intellectual disabilities produced some great discussions.  It is our hope that every Friendship group will glean one or two nuggets from these workshops that will improve their ministries.

Click on this link to download the handouts;

2016 Workshop Summary with Notes.

At the workshops, we encouraged you to get together more often to learning from each other and exchanging ideas.  Unlike Facebook, we need face to face time with each other.  We call it “Face to Face-book.”  For those of you that signed up at the workshops, we will email the Face to Face-book contact list.  If you didn’t have a chance to sign up, and want to connect with someone, call our office and we will help you make a connection.

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